Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe you're wondering what the heck has been keeping me from keeping current with this blog. Well, where to begin. As inquiries about workshops mount up, I've begun compling the list and descriptions of new ones. Perhaps I shouldn't talk to you about the ones that are still firming up but, I like to share the process behind some of them. The pieces left are the front and back shots of a reversible pendant that features a complex cane hand felted bead on one side and a blob of glass I purchased in Seattle.
They are bezeled back to back in a technique I teach that works for any shape cab. The necklace is a fascinating rope that is supple and lovely as a necklace and I might even like it more as a bangle/bracelet. Fran and I brainstormed about names for some of the nameless projects. Evocative of its skyline and colors, this is Midnight in Manhattan. The kits for Midnight in Manhattan are ample for a necklace (with or without a pendant) or two bracelets. Expect to hear more about this when the kits are ready.
You know I've been bezeling my brains out. Hmm, Phyllis suggested that perhaps I can imagine a bezel book on the horizon. Maybe. Though still working on a dozen new designs for some of Genevieve's rare and unusual Swarovski elements, I am playing with the ways to use them.
The challenge is that, unlike most cabs or rivolis that are set into beadwork and viewed straight on, these cabs are embraced in a surround of beads to be appreciated from every angle. Used on the end of bead crochet, we can see the texture and color of the entire piece.
Meanwhile, did I tell you that Genevieve (from Bead Gallery Inc) and I are collaborating on a line of kits featuring my designs and her inventory of Swarovki. (Yes, in addition to contemporary elements we'll draw from her collection of rare and vintage stash.) We are working on them passionately and hoping to have the first designs available in a couple weeks. Providing lots of bling for the buck, and trying to prevent the angst of indecision, we're pricing them such that beaders will want to buy a few at a time.
Plus, we're kitting this project called 20 carat Diamond Ring. Hey, Amy, this one if for you!! It is a ginormous "diamond" set in sterling silver charlottes.
During my week's absence I also had to take and upload photos of the Bead and Button Show classes I'll teach in June. This year's photos are a marked improvement over last year's. Next blog entry...

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