Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yipes! We experienced a crisis at the Bead Blast today. Well, I had an unfortunate bead-stuck-in-the-keyboard incident and all the other sweet beaders had to live through my (hopefully, somewhat reserved) meltdown. I knew there was a bead on the laptop as I worked but, continued, unfettered. Then, yikes, it rolled between the keys. Feeling a cold sweat creep upon me I asked for a tweezer and Phyllis was right there with a very sharp, nearly surgical quality number. As I squoze the little bugger it rolled from between the keys to UNDER a key. When turning it upside down and shaking didn't do the trick I had to walk away for a minute. The second call to Dell produced a patient and kindly tech. He talked me through the procedure for removing the hinge, lifting the keyboard, dealing with the ribbon cable to the motherboard and how I'd replace it with a new one. Yes, Rodney, I can handle this, I assured him. "But", he said, "before hanging up, just tilt the computer and lift the corner of the key that you think it is under." With a small amount of trepidation I did as he suggested. "OOOOOhhhh, RODDDDDNEYYYYYYY", I exclaimed, as the bead rolled onto the table. Peels of laughter from all the other beaders filled the room. They recognized this satisfied tech support adventure as having a happy ending.
This weekend was the coming out party for the line of kits that Bead Gallery Inc and I are collaborating on. There are kits for Lea Zinke's Bud Bead earrings, 4 styles of bezels (designed by moi) for assorted 18mm rare and vintage Swarovski rivolis that Genevieve has collected, plus the 20 Ct Diamond Ring shown here.

Taking a break from the beads, Pat, Phyllis, Sylvia and I shared apps and iPod tricks with each other. Was it Pat or Sylvia that began this iPod virus that has captured our hearts? Glad you did.

Sylvia stores her crystals in these little Craft Mate cases. The 10 plastic containers fit in the clear plastic sleeve and store like a book on a shelf.

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