Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beadwork Magazine's June/July issue hit the stands, I am tickled to report, because it features another Master Class by moi. The topic this time is a way for the timid beader to conquer their intimidation of cubic right angle weave. The editor had sent me a loaner camera and asked that I make a video that would be offered on the web as a bonus to the article.
It was amazing how uncomfortable I was sitting there before a little video camera. That entire first day was spent making dozens of attempts, stopping, deleting and starting again. I even resorting to taping a script next to the camera. But, at day's end, I simply called it quits and assured myself that in the morning, with a fresh start, I'd get it right in the first take.
What a gift it was to have that opportunity to try my hand at this medium. I now own one and am in the process of providing video material to support for some of my instructions and kits.
You've seen Janet here many times in studio class shots and at Bead Blasts, modeling her beautiful beadwork. When I've enumerated here the numbers of beaders married to wood turners, I've counted Janet among them. Here she is with her handsome and delightful husband Bob. Together they are BoomerangPro: makers of beautiful wood crochet hooks and beading looms.
Generally, I purchase the beaders' spools of fishing line/beading thread, especially since I implore beaders to purchase theirs at the beading stores rather than box stores. This week, in time for preparing the kits for the 7 classes I am teaching at the Bead & Button Show, a chain sport-store sent a discount coupon for fishing supplies. As I try to keep the cost of the kits minimal for these classes, I succumbed to the discount purchase. In the fishing line aisle, look what I saw! To my surprise, Fireline, now offers a braided tine, nearly indistinguishable from PowerPro. Imagine the confusion this will cause for beaders everywhere! It is even in the moss green of PowerPro.
At the Meet the Teachers event on Wednesday evening of the Bead & Button Show I will offer kits for the classes that were sold out Glass Bead Inspired Lariat, Fireflies at Sunset, Two Sides to Every Story and Felted Bangle with Beaded Bead. To keep it simple, I'll confine the color choices for the felt bangle to the wool and beads used in this bangle and the more colorful one in the class catalog. In class, however, students will have an array of colors to choose from, to use solidly, in combination or blended.

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