Monday, May 3, 2010

It will take two posts to share with you about Day 2 of Felted Component Jewelry Workshop at Imagine in Bemus Pt NY, since I can share only 5 photos per post.
Just before officially closing Day 1 of their 2-day workshop, I shared some techniques for embellishing the feltwork with beads. This included picot stitch, fringes, backstitching, and drops in singles and clusters. Apparently there are more knitters and weavers in this workshop than beadworkers. This means that some of the beading information was brandy new (and perhaps scary). This group may have been winding down from a very productive and physical day of feltmaking, yet they were undaunted.
They must have taken it all in because they arrived for Day 2 jazzed and eager to take beads to felt. Seen here, l to r, are Rosemary, Mary Jane, Lyn and Mary Beth completely immersed and intent in their mission.
I snagged these two flowers seen above, to shoot up-closer. The one with picot edging is Rosemary's and the one with crystal clear dew drops is Mary Beth's. I hadn't expected to venture into flowers in this workshop but, Kathleen had come with some fleece from her friend's recently-passed ewe, intent on making a flower of it for her friend. Many of the other felters were happy to join in. Rosemary said she intends her flower for a centerpiece, rather than personal adornment.
Darcy made a felt bead at the close of Day 1 that had ridges and flaps and splendid places to strategically place some glass beads. After beading its surface, she added it to the end of a felt bracelet that closes with a beaded loop.
One could see that Yancey is regarded as a mathematical and organizational whiz. If this reputation led folks to underestimated her creative abilities, she broke out of that box this weekend. Forgive this inadequate photo of her lovely necklace that features her dainty felt beads and pendant, strung with glass beads, and centered on gold plated chain.
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