Saturday, May 1, 2010

Imagine is a yarn and bead store that boasts a fascinating inventory of gifts plus estate and handcrafted jewelry. The gifts include hand warming mugs (clever design that surrounds your fingertips with the heat provided by your beverage), hand knitted wraps, knitted and fulled purses and totes, hand-tooled vintage leather hand bags and briefcase, and framed work.

These two separate rings are made to fit within each other, giving the wearer 3 options.
The ring is seen assembled in the left portion of this photo.

All 3 of these photos are examples of work by jeweler Gabriel Pyra, an artist from the Netherlands, now residing in Brooklyn, NY.

These earrings by Singerman and Post look like anondized aluminum.
It is an original process using mylar, film and thin plastic. The surface decoration is phototransfer of an original design. They are lightweight and lovely.

I can't wait to share with you tomorrow night, the outcome of tomorrow's workshop. Until then...

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