Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Janet (right in photo), back from Florida, came to the studio class tonight with Mary Ann (not in photo, and was my computer mentor who initiated me into blogging). It was fun to see what they've been beading since we last met. Check out Janet's earrings and cool (Pat Riesner) heart pendant. The white framed Japanese design before her is needlepoint she rendered in size 15 seed beads, using a hand painted canvas. It is exquisite. Ellen (left in photo) is a painter and the notion of painting needlepoint canvases intrigued her, at least for this moment. If you check out her wrist, you'll see the wonderful beaded snake bracelet.
Here is a close-up. Ellen beaded this bracelet in the likeness of their pet snake Pocahontas, for her husband Hank. When she showed it around the class, having memeory wire through its core, it quivers so life-like you almost expect to see a tongue shoot out!
Jill finished off her Pat Riesner tennis bracelet with a magnetic closure and safety chain.
How many times have you read here about a beader married to a wood turner? Well, Janet, above, is yet another. She and her husband are BoomerangPro (comfortable and lovely turned wooden crochet hooks and beading looms).
I'd hoped to write this on my new iPad, having invested in it and in the camera gizmo so I could slide the photos from the camera right into the iPad. Hmm, couldn't make it happen. Had to send the pics to myself in mail and save to My Pictures in my computer. Wondering, how will I figure out how to make it work that I can download pics from iPad into Blog? Wish me luck.
I will not be teaching at Jubili Beads outside Philly as promised. They cancelled it today. I'll make the most of this time to figure out the new techy challenges confronting me, finishing up recipes and kits for Bead & Button Show next month and checking in with friends and family.

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