Saturday, May 1, 2010

OK, I know I said goodnight but...Anne (my hostess here in Bemus), seen here in her studio, shared some of her work with me that I just HAD to share with you before I go to bed. She is not simply a beadworker, who teaches beadwork at Imagine and designs kits for sale and had a piece published in Step by Step Beads. She makes temari balls and here are two of her pieces in process.

For several years she and her husband Jim lived in Alaska in the bush. There she learned bead embroidery in the native style (seen in the beaver trimmed slipper she made for her beloved, on the left in the photo, and in the heart shaped box in the center of the photo) and caribou tufting. The 3 pink flowers on the heart box are tufted as is the white decoration on the chatelaine on the right. Notice the long tufts at the bottom. This shows the caribou tufts before they are trimmed close.

You will notice that she also does quill work, as evidenced in the white V decoration on the round box lid.
This close shot gives you a sense of the dimentional quality of the work. Fascinating. Just had to share. Now off to bed...

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