Thursday, March 24, 2011

Australia again...I can hardly wait!!!!

Now that I have been there, I am even MORE thrilled to be going to Austalia next week. Jenny, one of the felters in my week-long workshop at TAFTA (the australian forum of textile arts) in 2008, has me teaching 4 days of workshops at Jelly Beads in Mogo. We'll be covering alot of ground in beadwork stiches, while making some great jewelry (jewellery to us in Oz). She will retrieve me in Canberra, after 2 days of workshop for the Canberra Regional Feltmakers, and we'll take the scenic route to Mogo.
It had been my intention to rent a mifi, personal wifi unit, as I had when I was in Japan in January, so I could share my adventures in the blog each day. Plus this time I have added skype, as a means to be in touch with my sweetheart. The basic rental came to over $300, and that is without the insurance to cover loss or damage of the precious little item. The first place i called "was out" of units. The contract for the second was way tooooo scary and expensive. Guess I'll prefer to be at the mercy of my hosts for wifi or computer access, for keeping up my blog. McDonald's are eveywhere, and I will find wifi there. Yup, McDonalds! Apparently they offer wifi in Australia, the way Starbucks is known for wifi hotspots here. So, I guess, if I get to skype, it will be from McDonalds. Who would have guessed?

Many of you have asked about my friends, acquaintances and students in Japan. The responses to my emails indicate that they are safe. Some folks reported feeling aftershocks, scary. Everyone, even outside the immediate geography of the tsunami and earthquake are affected. Some by rolling blackouts, interruption in and unpredictable transportation and power, shortages and rationing of goods, fear of radiation and, can we even consider, the economic toll. That said, Tulip Co and I have just resumed conversation about my potentially distributing their exquisite beading needles in the U.S.A.

Even tonight, in the Beadzo workshop, the beaders were hailing their Tulip needles. Crystals on the Rocks in Nyack, sold out of their supply in a couple days and asked me for more of the exquisite needles. I'll be teaching there Saturday...hope you are there. Last workshop before heading overseas.

We're doing a crystal embellished, spiraling necklace/lariat all day and in the evening, a new beaded bangle.
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