Wednesday, July 13, 2011

During my flight to LosAngeles, I peered out of the window and was amazed to see this...

Large round fields. These aren't the thing called crop circles, right?

And what Beader among us isn't moved by circles & dots? Anyway, just wanted to share that before I call it a day.
In the morning I'll teach 2 Sides To The Story bracelet. In the afternoon we'll felt bangles to bead. Creative Castle has great pearls, including keishi, plus a wealth of Swarovski components to include in the bangle but, I am most excited about sharing that fast new beaded bead technique.

And even if they don't use it in the bangle design, it looks great on a beaded chain.
Friday night at midnight, Rte 405 is closing until Monday morning, 6 a.m. I think. They are calling it car-megedden here. It does make it tough for beaders from the south to get to us. A couple folks backed out of their reservations for this weekend's Felt Component Jewelry because of this. So, if you can join us, there is a place for you at the table.
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