Friday, July 15, 2011

Felt workshop at Creative Castle

The beaders in the morning workshop: 2Sides to The Story Bracelet, were delighted with the magical way their beadwork was coaxed into sharp pleats, making it reversible, as they worked.
In the afternoon they selected 3 or more colors of fine merino wool to hand felt a bangle. Using the Turbo Felting Boards I shipped ahead, they were each finished with their felting and ready to bead within the first hour! Creative Castle offers a dazzling array of Swarovski elements so Annetta chose one to adorn her bangle. We covered a few ways she could incorporate the Rivoli and she chose to bead a bezel for it. I offered up this simple and versatile approach:
1. String a number of beads and tie them in a ring that us smaller than the circumference of the Rivoli. 2. If divisible by 2 or by 3...add a branch of beads to every 2nd or 3rd bead of the ring, ending each with 3 beads to act as turning beads.

Annetta used hold Charlotte 15s for those picots. The picots should reach the edge of the rivoli. 4. Exiting a high bead of a picot, pick up sufficient beads to reach the next picot's high bead.
Annetta chose 3 gold charlottes- an 11-3 gold charlottes.

Then she made another pass of netting around the top, connecting the 11s with more charlottes. She'll attach it to the joined, overlapping ends of the bracelet.
With the luxury of time, most beaders chose to learn the quick and easy new method for beading undulating peyote. They could join the ends of their bangle inside an inch or two of it, as Laura did here:

Sherry did the beadwork too, knowing she'll use it separately. She's decided to knot and embellish the green tips of her iris colored bracelet.

Beaders walked away jazzed, and wearing damp but lovely jewelry.
Sherry will be in the weekend workshop. Can't wait to see what she'll do. She is really into this feltmaking. She came with a knowledge of needle felting and a stash if lovely wool for that. Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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