Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creative Castle

Creative Castle is a seed beader's heaven. All 3 Japanese companies are represented and there are Czech seed beads too. The Swarovski inventory is dazzling. Carole brought an entire suitcaseful of vintage Swarovski from Paris a couple years ago. Plus she has the custom coat Swarovski chain in colors such as padparadscha, volcano, and Montana brandy. This chain combines links and crystals and is gorgeous just as it is. Yes, I said that. But, of course a pendant you bead and hang from it will make it all the lovelier.

You know how we are always in pursuit of the perfect way to carry our beadwork, making it portable? Carole found these aluminum cases with clear windows, so you can see which project is in which case. It is 5"x6" and tall enough to hold a project plus a few tubes of beads. Cut a piece of bead mat to fit and you're good to go. Tomorrow I'll have pictures work made in this two day Felt Component Jewelry workshop.
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