Monday, October 26, 2009

My train ride down to Kinokuniya Bookstore in Manhattan was a delight, as Fran and I traveled down together. We wrapped up the morning with a snack together and then I headed off to the bookstore to set up the trunk show and workshop. Fran headed uptown for another booksigning event. When she showed me the iTouch case she just felted, I had to shoot it to share with you. It is just as sparkly and warm as Fran is!
This is the trunk show display, stacks of books ready for inscribing and to the right, off camera is the workshop set up.
Omi Gray showed up wearing an amazing, seamlessly felted nuno jacket. Not only is the scrim fabric silk chiffon. The wool felted into it is a silk blend.
The workshop was an introduction to needle felting. Victoria made a pumpkin ornament for starters.
Hellura (left) and I met at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.
She makes handbags, mostly wool and often from recycled sweaters. When I shared with her the potential of needle felting as a means to embellish and decorate the surface, she was keenly interested. I cannot wait to see how this new technique informs her work. The young woman in the center is August. Though she joined us late, she was a quick study and created a small sculpture. Victoria (right) frequents Kinokuniya and joined me for the first event here in July. She is an avid crafter and student of Japanese.
November 15th, also a Sunday, I return for a 3 hour felted flower workshop/trunk show/book signing. Hope to see you then. It is the rare occasion to enjoy a workshop for the discounted $25, that includes materials. Expect to make a felted flower or bangle bracelet. Call for reservations 212-869-1700. WIsh they had a sexy website to link you to. Au contraire.

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