Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dragonfly buttons are out there but, I don't recall seeing any like this red, black and gold one. Marianne gave it to Janet and Janet made it a Polygon bezel, expanding on the bezel technique we focused on last week. Can't wait to see what she does with it!

Here are a few more bezels Janet whipped up since last class. We are loving these polygon bezels.

A few of you have said that you liked seeing Fran's bracelet in the May 14 entry. When you told me you could googledthe info and purchase her recipe for the design published in Bead, I just had to share that here. Kudos Jennifer Airs.

What a beautiful weekend and Memorial Day we had. Monday we went to the New Paltz Craft Show that is held Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend each year at the Ulster County Fairgrounds.

Of course we had to drop by and see Diane and her fabulous bags. Susan, Judy, Phyllis and I have admired, if not collected her bags for years. My purse doubles as a backpack and can be worn across the body like a messenger bag. Nericcio Leathers was our first stop.

Later we encountered Victoria Tane at her booth. When I asked to share a photo of her and her jewelry/booth, she said that photos were prohibited to protect the craft artists. Of course. Oops. Glad though to share that pic of Diane Nericcio. Victoria uses antique and recycled elements in her jewelry designs. The pieces we saw featured pencil eraser caps, chandelier crystals, machine parts, telephone wire and embroidery materials into lovely and wearable jewelry.

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