Monday, May 18, 2009

Fran and I are in process of kitting Fireflies at Sunset Necklace(see left) for both Monday and Friday sessions, plus some extra for Meet the Teachers Event at Bead & Button Show, May 31 to June 7.

Upon close inspection of the beads, the sparkly nature of the piece is what sings out. The optical illusion provided by the color-lined drops, is that they are tiny illuminations in the background of shiny and matte beads.

Interesting though, that when I prepared the gigantic bead soup of the background beads, even though the shiny beads outnumber the matte, it is the matte beads that get all the attention. Nestled into the bead soup (at right) is the necklace, which, in that surround, also looks mostly matte. Just thought I would share that little adventure in matte/shiny/drop bead-land.

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