Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, getting to this day, this first day of committing to routinely and regularly maintaining a blog has arrived. Thank you Beatrice for suggesting this as a means to provide current information about my workshops, projects, books, activities and travel. Thank you Linda Poole for sharing with me how you've fit your blog into your daily routine and how meaningful it is in making you available to your kindred spirits. I apologize to all of you who put up with me during this decade of kicking and screaming my way into techno-literacy. Today I can honestly tell you that I am brimming with delight and hope that this will be a convenient and satisfying means to keep us connected.
Marianne showed me the ropes and has left me to my devices now. So I downloaded a few pictures to share, re-sized them (I hope) using the photoshop tips she gave me and am full of exciting things to share.

Last week I removed this catkin from the white birch around the corner. It looks like an earring. It especially fascinates me that it looks a narrower version of some of the pods I've been beading using polygon stitch.

June 20th I'll be teaching some of those pods at Beads By Blanche in the Ostara's Emerging Blossoms necklace. As a bonus, I've snuck one of the new polygon beaded bezels into the project as the closure. Did I say the bezel is around a rivoli? And bezels beaded this way are quick and textured and even more beautiful on the backside than on the front side.

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