Thursday, May 14, 2009

Please forgive me for not getting to the sexy photos and things I'd have shared today, had I not been working on posting the calendar. Check it out. I'll finish editing it Saturday so you can just click on the workshop and "get there".
Tomorrow Elaine, Fran and I are going to the Fashioning Felt Show at Cooper Hewitt mentioned in the earlier post. We are meeting Jeri.
And yes, on the way I have an appointment at Kinokuniya. If we schedule a booksigning, you will be the first to know.
You will always be the first to know!
Oh hey, maybe one quick picutre. Here is the incredible new bracelet Fran has been working on for some time. It was inspired by Jennifer Airs Lotus Bangle she saw in a UK Bead magazine.

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  1. That bracelet is amazing! What magazine was that? I have to have it!