Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Notice the "see my calendar" on the right? A click on it reveals my calendar for the rest of the year. This is a new feature I learned today. By the end of this week I expect to have all the events posted. When you click on a workshop it will provide a photo and description and/or link to the venue. Gracious! When I shared with my web mistress Marylyn, that I attempting all this I do believe I heard a sign of relief. She has carried the burden of posting the current two months on my website, including the pictures and addresses and fanciness she does. Having it here lets her off the hook a tad.

(I accidently posted the entry I meant for here on the new calendar page and cannot copy and paste it. So, I have deleted it and am re-writing it here. It means there are no photos today. Nothing is easy. Now it is past midnight and so it would appear that I have been remiss in posting daily, or nearly. Some of you know me and how resistant I have been to your advice that I blog. I have always chuckled at that bumper sticker "resistance is futile". Thank you for your patience as I come kicking and screaming into the techno-abyss. (I am actually almost enjoying this.)

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