Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anna and Laura demonstrated at the Perlen Akademie this morning. Laura taught a class there in the afternoon.
This is lampworker Michou Pascale Anderson. Check out the beads she is wearing as well as those in the case. If there are 4 empty spaces in the display it is because I could'nt resist them. Plus she is sparkling and as vibrant as her creations.

This is Marina, our faithful and fabulous interpreter, caught in the glow of the wonderful restaurant where she took us for authentic Dortmund cuisine. Yum. Great beer, delicious fish and fresh potatoes. Everyone else had sausage and slaw and potatoes.

We took this parting shot of the restaurant. The weather was perfect for dining outside in this plaza known as the old market square.
Quickly before my wifi time expires...I'll post this.

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