Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good news and bad news: starting with the bad news, someone had to drop out of the felting workshop for Marlene's Felting Madness, in Ohio. Making the good news: there is an opportunity for you to join us. I know a couple of the felters that will be joining us and it WILL be a fabulously creative and adventurous weekend of felting madness. Hope Pat doesn't mind me saying that she, will be joining us. She IS Access Crystals and Aussie Fiber, wholesaler of the finest merino wool and wide range of Swarovski elements. She is gorgeous and creative and maintains a blog addressing the concerns of The Crafty Retailer.

Joyfully anticipating additional upcoming workshops, in two weeks I'll return to Bead Gallery Inc in New Hampshire. This time, we extended my stay to 4 day's worth of half and full-day workshops. So, hopefully there is something for everyone's budget and schedule. This is the first time I am offering this lariat and Genevieve has some sexy "cornflake" pearls for it.

And then, Imagine! The first weekend in May I'll teach at this amazing yarn and bead store in Bemus NY. Tomorrow I'll book my train reservation. Yes, the notion of train travel still really appeals to me. One year several of us took the train from Poughkeepsie NY to Milwaukee WI for the Bead and Button Show. We were offered an inexpensive upgrade to a sleeping car on the way out and, ohhhhh, I just loved it. My next journey via long-distance train was less satisfying. So, I'll give it another try next month for traversing New York.

Mother's Day weekend no one wants to sign up for workshops. It is a great time to seclude myself in the studio and render into beads some of the new designs in my head.

Then the following weekend I get to teach in yet another yarn and bead store: Jubili , not far from Philly PA. We'll luxuriate in a full weekend of Felted Component Jewelry creation, felting and beading to our heart's desires.

And thennnnnnnnnnn, California here I come...tomorrow I will post the samples to Creative Castle in Newbury CA.