Sunday, March 21, 2010

This beautiful Spring Fever necklace was made by a (self-proclaimed) "new" beader. Renate brought it to show me that she made it from following the recipe in MASTERING BEADWORK . Previous to beadweaving, she was an accomplished bead crocheter.
Renate came with her friend Ilke to my Harlequin Bracelet/Necklace workshop at Perlen Akademie in Dortmund Germany. This orange necklace is another example of the very cool bead crochet that Germany beaders are turning out. As you'd expect, Ilke said all the beads are strung in advance, and then 3 or 5 or more beads are secured in each crochet stitch. She used polyester thread and it is barely visible.

Ilke was wearing a coral colored necklace you can just barely see between the lapels of her cardigan sweater. It is lovely. When she described the pearly looking beads as "waxy" and that the finish can be picked away by the beading needle, it sounded a bit scary. Not sure I really understood. Gorgeous though. As a generous bead ambassador, she carried along a box of her beadwork to show what type of beadwork German beaders are making. Because I begged, she posed wearing her snake necklace of undulating peyote.
My first glance into the box revealed a necklace that looked VERY much like the Harlequin project we are making in class. Plus there was a bangle bracelet rendered in larger beads but the same colors and stitch of Harlequin. I looked at her puzzled and she looked back sort of sheepishly, explaining...Renate bought MASTERING BEADWORK and wanted help with the Harlequin project and African Helix, in general. So, Renate sent photocopies of the book's pages to Ilke. Ilke followed the recipe using the most similar beads she had at hand. Then, to help her friend understand, she translated the book's directions into German and included her own hand drawn illustrations. Quite impressive and I was charmed. Realize that both Ilke and Renate are making this project with me in my workshop here. Amazing.

Other beaders had to leave for flights home. Those that could hang on to the last moment I captured here. Andrea (top left), appeared in a post earlier in the week. Let's see, was it of her wearing a newly crafted felt bangle bracelet? I forget. Forgive me, it is after midnight on this last day of a full and fabulous week teaching here in . In just 6 hours the cab will pick us up to wisk us to the airport. to return home. In a few days she will share with me, and I with you, the source for a most wonderful necklace cable for wearing beaded pendants. To Andrea's right is Katja, only beading since Autumn she said. She is a speedy beader and nearly finished a necklace version in class. Seated left is Renate and to her right, Ilke. It will be interesting to see how prolific these 4 are by this time next year. (Hoping we will reunite here at that time.)

PS. I bought 2 hours of wifi to get thi slast post out to you from Germany. Guess they only gave me one. Soooo, just posting this now, from home.

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