Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We started our 4 days with the skewer technique and some felters, like Linda, made beads from felted complex canes.
Maria (left) came from Spain for the 4 day workshop. Louise (right) teaches millinery at the Ink Berrow Design Centre. The dress on display behind them is dyed with rust and features several textiles including felt.
The lizard on the wall behind Ela looks like those that Judit Pocs teaches. Judit taught felt hats in the studio next to mine when I taught Felted Jewelry and Beads in Australia last year.
Maggie (left) is also a teacher at IDC. Sylvie (right) was able to attend all 4 days and also worked after hours.
Each day was a different population. Some folks came for all 4 days, others for 2 or 3. The infusion of fresh felters each day made it interesting. I was pleased with the amount of material I was able to cover in our 4 days together. It was a productive and hugely creative time. The group dynamics were good. We spoke about the possibility of returning to share some more techniques.

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