Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Isn't it fascinating to see how each beader organizes her stash? Kathy likes her "Cropper Hopper", an item appropriated from scrapbookers.
We had a new beader join us in our Bead Blast. She is Jessica, shown making Fireflies at Sunset from the kit. She is a quick study and left with a finished necklace. She even designed and beaded a rivoli and loop closure. When the first session of Fireflies sold out at the Bead & Button Show, they added another session at this, their 10th anniversary show, in June. Fran purchased a partially felted, or could have been needle felted, vest from etsy. After fulling it, she has begun to embellish it.

Amy (wearing THE original Fireflies at Sunset necklace) is checking out the amazing and ginormous "rivoli" that Kathy gave me. It came with a card she'd written, saying it is a pleasure to meet me. She revealed that she'd waited a day to give it to me, to be sure it was indeed, a pleasure. Ya gotta love her honesty. She is a fine beader, tells good stories and has a great sense of humor. Hope she is a keeper. And, you just KNOW I am going to bezel this rock and wear it. (I will take it off when weighing in though!) She said it is sold as a paperweight.


  1. Hi Carol, that is quite a rock!!! Wow!!! Please tell me: is it glass or acrylic? If it is glass you might felt lianes with other weights at the ends to hold it in position :)