Saturday, March 20, 2010

Most of this second-to-my-last-day at the Perlen Akademie in Germany is spent in Hall 5 at Creativa Expo. How lucky I was to have two new friends join me for most of the day. Margot needle felted a Felted Bead Diva Lariat (and translated for me when necesaary). And Wish-I Knew-Her-Name ( note to self: ask Perlen Akademie for name tags next year!) made most of her Felted Rose Lariat while at the demo. Even here in its first year, I have had the distinct honor of having some beaders take more than one class with me. Gunhilde and I, both appreciators of the color green, are seen her conspiring about things green...

My cherished Turbo Felting Board did me proud. I whizzed through the felting demos like a breeze. The Felted Rose Lariat whipped up in no time. Tonight at the Felted Bangle Bracelet class we were able to "bang put" those lovelies and bead them, in a short class thanks to that sharply corrugated surface. Though I sold a couple, I fear many remain to ship home.
Two brand-new beaders showed up for tonight's class. They were successful in their undulating peyote and hand felting a bangle bracelet. Yippee. Both were friends of Angela's. Recall that Angela is one of two people I met last year over the phone for a magazine interview. Then she had a horribloe car accident and was not expected to survive. Well, here she is, right, these many months later. Today she is vibrant and bubbling with joy and enthusiam and recovering.
Tomorrow is the last day of this amazing event. I'll be teaching the Harlequin (african helix) project that made sucha hit in Japan. Afterwards we all go collect our artwork from the exhibits. Hope we sneak a quick visit-with-each-other in before we all head home. There is much buzz about the bead aspect of next year's event.
Meanwhile, I have been hearing from folks signing up for workshops at The Bead Gallery (New Hampshire) and Beads By Blanche (New Jersey) next month. Looking forward to the approaching workshops with Imagine and Marlene's Felting Madness.


  1. Hello Carol, for me it was so most interesting Day i had in last time. Even if it was not long on your "table", i like it very much. I see, you had a wonderful day and wish you for today all the best. Your Works are great and i will by your Book as soon i can....Greetings from the Women with the Basket :-) (Adriana)
    have a look at if you like. I will be happy if you do it.!

  2. Hallo Carol, thanks a lot coming to Germany, giving your classes! Was a great honor for me meeting you, and great fun and pleasure taking the felting class at the creativa workshop.I realy enjoyed sitting there, felting, felting and felting and afterwards selecting beads out of your treasure-box to embelish my bangle. Take care of you, traveling all over the world. So I hope we could meet again once. Come and visit me on my blog, if you like to
    with love