Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here are a couple more shots I'd like to share from my UK adventures last week. This is The Feathers, a beautiful hotel in Ludlow, that we passed each day to and fro' the studio. The architecture fascinated me.
The countryside as seen through the windshield of my coach, Brenda's Hyundai, that transported me everywhere I needed to go.
After Saturday's class, Diane drove me to Worcester to see this 1000 year old cathedral. This classical example of Norman architecture from 1084, contains the tomb of King John.
Our destination for the evening was Birmingham, "second city" only to London. At the heart of the Industrial Revolution, it is also known as the city of 1000 trades. We strolled through the streets, taking in the sights: both the current and the under-construction library, town hall, symphony hall, galleries, and the throngs of trendily (scantily) clad youth on Broad St, on our way to Cafe Rouge for dinner. My hostess and students certainly made this experience the fullest one imaginable for such a brief visit.

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