Friday, September 24, 2010

More fun with IBS

Chris is a lampworker who tolerated"stitching tiny beads together with thread" in the morning workshop. In the afternoon project, Wired Felted Beaded Bracelet with Lampworked Bead, she was in her glory, incorporating her own focal bead. The snapshot sure doesn't show her piece in it's best light. It is slinky and snaky, winding up her wrist.

Peggy felted a second wire armature, to bead after class.

Francie used an abundance of drop beads in her surface decoration. Their pointy end nestles into the felt and emphasizes the dotted motif of the lampworked beads she used.
Tomorrow we will spend the day felting complex cane felt beads, finishing with completed necklaces.
Afterwards, Several of us will have dinner together at Santorini Greek Kitchenbefore the evening class: Two Sides To Every Story bracelet. I heard the seasoned white fish and grilled veggies are fabulous. Can't wait.
Striving for a full night's rest, off to bed now. Sweet dreams.
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