Sunday, September 26, 2010

Final workshop with Indiana Bead Society

Today's final project for my teaching visit with Indiana Bead Society was Ostara's Emerging Blossom Necklace.

Becky and Francie worked theirs from a selection of their own beads.

With the pair of pods finished, time to move on to bezeling the Rivoli with polygon stitch.

Nancy worked with the kitted beads.

So did Donna Kay.

Kim spent a good deal of the weekend with me... From Thursday evening's welcome dinner with the education committee at Jan's, to this evening's dinner of fine italian fare.

Jan drove me into the city center to take in some sights before I town tomorrow.

The area surrounding the monument was buzzing with activity last night: motorcyclists, diners, night clubbers, and a horse drawn coach.

On our way through" town" we passed the "old library" with its brandy new addition. That part of the new building that connects the larger addition to the original building looks like an Apple store, doesn't it?

My tour concluded with a drive through a fabulous neighborhood of big beautiful homes on the way to the restaurant. Here is the one photo taken while the car was in motion that came out pretty good.
Tomorrow I fly back home. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPod

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