Friday, September 24, 2010

Indiana Bead Society

Today I taught 2 half day workshops combining feltmaking and beading.

The morning session began with handfelting a bracelet. Then they beaded a couple inches of undulating peyote that serves as a beaded bead. The tapered ends of the felt meet inside the beaded bead. (Heather beading, with her felt in the foreground.)

Bev won her registration to the workshop in the bead challenge. As winner she gets to select the topic of the next challenge: steam punk.

Nan, an experienced feltmaker, has felted in workshops with Polly Stirling and Chad Alice Hagen. We are kindred spirits where color (among other things) is involved.

Ed ( at the counter) and Judy made the IBS and me feel welcome in their store: Heritage Classics Jewelry & Beads store. Posted using BlogPress from my iPod

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