Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Felt jewelry made in the IBS workshop

Some of you know how very wonderful I think my iPod is. Well, add to that, knowing how to shoot snapshots with it! Thrilling! Writing and posting my blog on it is the best thing ever AND i can even share the pics. Wow!
So just now I was reviewing the snaps I shot this past weekend in the felt jewelry workshops i taught for the Indiana Bead Society. I'd be remiss if I didn't share them with you now.

Francie embellished her's a little more after class and brought it to the next session for us to see.

Nan purchased that dichroic glass focal bead at Heirloom Classics Jewelry & Beads. Shame on me that I cannot with certainty credit the beaded bangle on right.

Judy, HCJ&B store owner, skipped beading a beaded bead for her felt bangle, opting to embellish it with a focal bead. She liked the notion of a snug fit, afforded by the use of a magnetic closure. She promises to add a safety chain.

This is one of the best moments of the day ... when the labor- intense felt cane is cut into beads. It never gets old Katie.

Chris's color choices really paid off. I've heard it is a sin to covet your neighbors beads but.....

Again, shame on me, these few hours afterwards and I cannot recall whose finished necklace this is. Could it be Nadeen's? I recall she made her's stylishly long. Beautiful.

Kim made a simple and complex cane, simultaneously. While she could just always overachieve, this, in particular, was the result of felty happenstance.
It was a delightful time i had with this bead society. And, as I knew might happen, when I awoke back at home today, I do miss them.
A few members bought a Turbo Felting Board so I know they will continue. Kim wasn't able to join the felt bangle workshop but was there for the Complex Cane felt bead necklace. I'm sending her the (first and to date, only) instructional DVD so she too can create her own felt bangles.
If you need one too, call me. You know I can take credit cards over the phone now, right? It is a service I use through Paypal. Nancy Cain shared all the details with me when we were teaching at Bead & Button in June. I applied for it as soon as I could and appreciate being able to offer students the convenience of using their credit cards.
Better unpack and move on to the next great adventure. BTW, Indianapolis airport was my peak travel experience.

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