Thursday, September 2, 2010

It was so satisfying to see so many projects concluded at the studio class this week. But before I share photos let me tell you about my new Ott light. Well, it is actually a story of 2 Ott lights. I bought a rechargeable model a couple weeks ago. It is heavy and the wire to recharge it weighs almost as much as the lamp. So, it isn't a lamp I will fly with. Bummer. I didn't return it because it is handy for the studio class and when I teach at Beadzo. The real drag is that it doesn't hold the charge beyond 3 hours. But, check out the cute one here. Janet found it at Jo-Ann's. It has 30 LED and takes 3 AAA batteries. Doesn't weigh anything. And for this month, if you buy it from their website,, it is 50% off for 4 pages of Ott products. Not among them is the one Pat just bought that runs either AC and DC, using wire or C batteries.
Janet's necklace is a dagger, seed bead and bicone crystal beauty based on spiral stitch. She promised to show Mary how she did it.
So, Mary bought up a few flavors of daggers at Beadfest so she could make one. She finished it this week using those peacock daggers we all love.
Jill (aka Jilly Beads) finished her Stick Pearl Slide Lariat from one of my kits. She made it long enough to wear in a lark's head knot like shown here, but we know she likes wearing them long.
Amy took a workshop at Beadfest in chain maille. She finished the pendant there and in the studio class finished the chain. Gorgeous.

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