Thursday, September 23, 2010

Indiana Bead Society

This morning I arrived at the Albany NY airport with the luxury of time and opportunity to visit Departure, the gallery/shop featuring capital region artists. Berta Leone, herself a metalworker, when not tending the shop, and I struck up a conversation that came around to felt when I inquired if their delightful felt handbags are made by that women's collective in Nepal. She affirmed this and was quick to add that they feature area fiber artists such as Elsa Fletcher. She showed me these felt scarves by Elsa.

My flights were smooth and short and my hostess Jan Johnson picked me up at the beautiful and fairly new indianapolis airport. When I return at the end if my workshops, I'll have to allow time to take in the artwork there: impressive tile/mosaic, glass, and sculptural works I heard about at dinner with 4 of the 5 education committee of Indiana Bead Society. Left to right are Carol Marlin, Jan Johnson, Francie Broadie and Kim Sokolow. Francie collaborated with glass bead maker Camille Richard on a piece that is on it's way to Houston. It is one of the pieces in the Convergence exhibit that the International Society of Glass Beadmakers put together. Last year was their first exhibit of collaborations of beadmaker and beader. It was my honor and pleasure to be asked to be a juror for that show.

Carol is wearing a wonderful pair of earrings that I think she said Francie taught. Kim has fabulous earrings that I think she said she made to wear to a wedding that I snapped a quick shot of. Spiral stitch.

We stayed up wayyyy too late visiting after our delicious dinner. Everything is prepared for tomorrow's two felt jewelry workshops and I'll polish off this posting before turning in.
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