Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday in Studio 34

We had 2 half day workshops today. Some folks could only fit one into their schedule, while a few others will be in all 4 workshops with me this weekend.

This afternoon they had a choice of Fireflies at Sunset or Fireflies at Midnight.
Twin sisters Sandy and Stephanie, in this afternoon's class, spoke about their philanthropic projects and fundraising through Katie Shirley's Closet, in memory of Stephanie's daughter, Katie. Two recipients of their successes are Fairy Godmothers and Daystar for medically fragile infants. Handcrafted bracelets with charms reminding us to "live, laugh and love" were made by volunteers and sold in several area venues. They became collectors items and their popularity grew.

Stephanie gifted with me a necklace that evolved from those earlier designs that declared her daughter Katie's philosophy.
This evening Suzanne took me for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. During the wait for a table, we strolled around the area. In addition to 2 independent bookstores, there was an antiquarian bookstore as well. You could really love it here. Rochester looks to be a place that supports booksellers and artists, reads and values art and beauty. Studio 34 is one of several studio and loft spaces that fill a former industrial building. And there are others as well. I'm told there are outdoor art installations in the neighborhood too. It is lovely.
We window shopped the closed small shops in a Village Gate Square. One had signs of life: WOSA'S Natural Hair Salon.

The door was open, the lights were on and I was drawn closer. We were beckoned into the busy and welcoming shop where a couple clients in chairs were being worked on. When I asked if I could take a photo to post in my blog they obliged me. Juanita R. Reid and I praised each others locks and she said I could photograph her.

And in fairness, here she is when caught in a candid salon shot and...

Here she is as seen on her webpage.

Suzanne and I received the buzz on the gadget from the restaurant that alerted us to their having a table for us. Dinner was good, the visit was even better. Tomorrow is a day of half felting and half beading.

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