Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday at Bead Blast

This is the hotel manager, Michelle Rice...BEADING with us at our bead blast. She checked in on us yesterday and purchased a kit from Cathy. Cathy showed her the stitch and off she went. This morning she showed us how much she had done before running out of thread. Guess it is in her DNA. We gave her the dates for next year and look forward to sharing more with her.
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"Jilly Beads" and Ellen arrived together.

Ellen announced that she is now certified as a metal clay instructor. These are a few pieces she had with her to show us. Rings, pens, earrings using clay, skip, paper etc.

Left to right are Jilly Beads, Fran and Amy beading merrily as Ellen and Marianne greet each other.

Mary (above) and Carole (below) came to sell us beads. In addition to their fine quality gemstones and pearls, they brought along lots of bling!!!!!
You too can shop from Voices of The Stones, in February. Carole and Mary will be in Tucson exhibiting at The Best Bead Show.

Some of us stayed up wayyyyyy too late again Sunday night beading and visiting. So forgive me if I keep this short and sweet and slide off to bed.

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