Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bead & Button Show catalog will be on-line December 14th

Tuesday the Bead & Button Show will provide their catalog of classes on-line. As a preview, allow me show share with you the classes I'll be teaching there come June.

Sunday evening, June 5th is a 3 hour class, Hand Felted Bangle with Beaded Bead. Everone will make make a felt bangle whose tapered ends are joined within a beaded bead of undulating peyote. Some folks willcomplete theirs after class but, some will wear their finished bracelet from class.

Monday evening is Fireflies at Midnight. This supple necklace is made using tubular peyote with the strategic addition of an extra bead which articulates the otherwise stiff beadwork. Last year and the year before this was Fireflies at Sunset in Amy's bright pinks and magentas.

Tuesday evening's class is another opportunity to felt a bangle, a Sparkling Felt Bangle. This one is finished with the sparkle of Swarovski crystals woven in a quick and easy double- needle right-angle weave.

The popular lariat featuring a lampworked borosilicate glass bead by Nancy Tobey is what I'll teach all day Wednesday in Glass Bead Inspired Lariat. This was hugely popular last year, selling out the first day of registration and adding a second session. Learn exciting variations of polygon stitch plus how to transition to other stitches. I'm delighted to have acquired a couple kilos of the precious stripey beads I used in the original.

Wednesday evening in three short hours I'll share 3 different chains in Trilogy of Chains, that rival those in the jewelry store but, these are seed beads (though one includes crystals). They are lovely worn together or in singles with or without a pendant.

Thursday's daylong class is strictly Swarovski crystal, Crystal Galaxy. I'll teach a satisfying method of cubic right angle weave to produce solid geometric elements...circles, squares, triangles and pentagons. Connect the lot of them and hide an easy-on easy-off magnetic closure within a sheath of crystals. The bonus is that this class is sponsored by Swarovski, making it a real value.
There are no evening classes this evening so everyone can enjoy the opening of the vendors and shop without feeling conflicted.

Friday's class was a longggggg time coming. I've proposed the Complex Cane Hand Felted Beads as a workshop in years past. This year I'm able to offer it as a 6 hour class, providing each student a Turbo Felting Board to work the wool into a dense and firm felt. Most students will complete a necklace during class, using their fresh beads.

Friday evening there is a merciful project that is lovely and made mostly of size 8 seed beads. Raku And Rivoli Bracelet adds a gorgeous bezeled rivoli to a polygon rope.
Sunday there is another opportunity to take the Trilogy of Chains before the shpw closes for another year.
Honestly, just telling you the schedule helps me imagine the wonderful whirlwind time in store. Hoping I squeeze in some great schmoozing in-between classes.

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