Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Felted neckwear

Today I packed up the silk, merino wool and tools for this coming Friday's nuno feltmaking workshop. Fran was here in the studio helping me select samples and show & tell.

Though it may most commonly be enjoyed in a lark's head knot, around the neck, it is not the only option.

Worn "liturgically" as I've heard it described, simply draped over the shoulders is flattering, not just on the newly ordained "Father Fran".

And here is Fran modeling it worn laterally over the shoulders.
I'm excited about offering workshops in this new venue, Arts Society of Kingston. The group dynamics in any workshop is always a contributing factor to the energy and flow. From what I know of the registrants for this workshop, we can expect a delightful mix of professional artist, fashionista, craft enthusiast and educator. I'd hoped to get another workshop on ASKs calendar for January but, the monthly First Saturday, New Year's Day, is rescheduled for the second Saturday, the 8th. I still won't know until next week, what dates i'll be in Japan in January so, I'll look to schedule something for February. I'll let you know here. Posted BlogPress from my iPod

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