Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho ho ho

"Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads." You've got to be kidding. What the heck IS a sugar plum? T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring...unless you count me. Not only was I stirring, I was beading. And, when finnnnnnally, I succumbed to sleep, visions of beadwork danced in my head. I'll share some visions with you right now.

Janet designed this Victorian style piece as a gift for a delicate and elderly friend. It features those beaded components that Terri had everyone making at the last Bead Blast.

Amy finished the African helix necklace for her mom. It can be worn with or without the slide pendant, yet another of Nikia Angel's Sparkly Wheels. Readers of MASTERING BEADWORK may recall reading (page135) about Amy's adventures with Sparkly Wheels and her reincarnated version.

Elaine finished this Swarovski number fir her sister. I don't know Elaine's sister but, I can tell you this: if this isn't the quintessential Elaine bracelet, I don't know what is. Between us, I think she should keep it and make another gift for her sister.

Jilly Beads banged out this pearl bracelet, a new kit I've just put together. Call or e me if you need one. It is double needle right angle weave, done simply, with a midsection of double drilled stick pearls, finished with a magnetic tube vermeil clasp. Just a head's up: it MUST be done double-needle style or it will make you want to give up beading. Pearls have those pesky small holes that can really only accommodate 3 thread passes. And the kit provides a repetitious little mantra to propel you through the beadwork. Joy.
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