Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bead Crochet, Tulip Co and my return to Japan...yippee

In past posts I've teased you with tales about these beautiful and comfy hooks and left you bereft of a way to get your hands on them. NOT ANYMORE!!!!!
—Caron International, a leading manufacturer of hand-knitting yarns, is now the master distributor of Tulip® knitting needles and ETIMO crochet hooks.
Caron's website says....

“The excellence and quality construction of these needles and hooks is so superior to anything else in the mass market today,” declares Jan Kahn, VP of Marketing and Sales for Caron. “The ETIMO crochet hooks, Sucre beading hooks and Kanaderu knitting needles can be used for hours without the hand discomfort that is often experienced when using traditional implements. We are thrilled to offer the Tulip products along with our top-selling Simply Soft® and branded yarns.”

What makes these needles and hooks so spectacular?
The answer is simple.
Extraordinary quality construction and product innovation.

Revolutionary ETIMO crochet hooks
Doris Chan, popular crochet designer, says it best: “The biggest advantage of the ETIMO hook is the elastomeric comfort grip. Revolutionary. Supremely comfortable, functional, durable. It has a soft, smooth, cushy feel and fits perfectly in my hand. I never want to be without mine.”
ETIMO crochet hooks feature a comfortable, cushioned grip not found anywhere in the market today. Plus ETIMO hooks are made from durable superior quality aluminum with a polished finish that does not flake or chip. Even better, the handle’s length and depth of the hook itself make stitching easier, too. The result is a crocheter’s dream that allows her to stitch longer, with more accuracy and in greater comfort.
ETIMO crochet hooks are available in 10 sizes with a suggested US retail price of: $9.99.

Sucre Beading Hooks
Knitters and crocheters love to embellish their work, but often lack the proper tool to get the job done. Not any more. With Sucre Beading Hooks, beading embellishments are a breeze. Sized just right to handle most types of yarn- and thread-friendly beads Sucre beading hooks feature the same comfort grip as the fabulous ETIMO crochet hook.
Sucre crochet hooks are available in 5 sizes with a suggested US retail price of: $9.99.

********end of Caron website and back to this blog...............

These sweet silky hooks are the line called Sucre, designed by Kazue especially for bead crochet. These are the hooks I'll be demonstrating in Tulip's booth at the International Great Quilt Show in Tokyo next month.

Tulip Co sponsored the felting book I wrote for Japanese publication. (Written in English and translated into Japanese by Motoko Natsubori.) Tulip produces exquisitely refined and smooth, nickel plated felting needles. They also provide the craft market with clever kitted projects for both needle/dry felting and wet felting.

This will be my second international Great Quilt Show. In January '09 I demonstrated feltmaking and signed books in the Tulip booth there.
In June that same year I joined Tulip in their first exhibit in the U.S. At TNNA in Columbus Ohio.

In our booth there were, left to right: Mayumi, Naomi, Mr. Harada (CEO), Kang and Kazue. You've met Kang and Kazue in previous posts. They will be exhibiting in Long Beach CA at TNNA and then Vogue Knitting Live in NYC while I'll be in Tokyo with Mayumi and Naomi.

Mayumi is rounding up the beads and I'm writing recipes for the projects I'll demonstrate, so visitors to the booth can make their own. One is a beaded bead made of a tubular peyote with graduated bead sizes, what I call undulating tubular peyote, and is also known as Cellini spiral, a name Virginia Blakelock gave it. The beaded bead can be worn on any chain including the beaded chain necklace and the bead crocheted necklace I'll demonstrate. In streamlining the recipe in preparation for translation, I discovered a faster, easier way to bead it. This is sooooo exciting. Not only for this project, also for the Felt Bangle with Beaded Bead that I'll teach again at the Bead and Button Show in June.
I've JUST kitted the beaded bead shown above with these easier new directions. $30 plus $5 s&h. -Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. This is lovely, I love these spirals and it is really nice as a pendant in this necklace. Really nice color choices also.