Saturday, January 28, 2012

Catching up on more Tokyo Quilt Festival

It was thrilling to meet fellow felters also creating jewelry. This is Tomoko Higuchi.

Dove chocolates are smooth and silky dark chocolate wrapped in foil with a message inside. The messages are lovely though, sometimes challenging to translate: Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures. Naomi gave it her best, helping our visitors with theirs.

You met rug hooker Noriko Sakurai on previous post. She returned with her friend, a fellow feltmaker.

While checking out her friend's necklaces and nuno felt, check out Noriko's wrist to left!

Shoko and I used a break for a quick but luxurious green tea and green tea ice cream.

Last year my checked suitcase was carry-on sized and, when I determined to bring home 400 Tulip beading needles, making room meant purchases I'd made would be last minute gifts to my friends seeing me off. This year I brought a larger suitcase and revisited Teruko Aoki for more of the green tea loaf I'd bought last year. Shoko treated me to a red bean one and a green tea. Teruko gifted me a couple "cookies".

Speaking of sweets, Sandaki came by the Tulip booth again this year and brought me these sweets to commemorate Setsubun, a Japanese holiday marking the beginning of Spring, observed on February 3rd. Traditions include the throwing out of roasted beans, exclaiming "out with the devils, in with good fortune". Each person eats the number of beans or peanuts equal to their age. Sounds much more festive than our Ground Hog's Day, one day earlier.

Speaking of festivals, March 3rd is the doll festival called Hina-matsuri. Red carpeted platforms display dolls representing the Emperor, Empress and also their attendants and musicians. The holiday began in the Edo period in 17th C, though the dolls may be dressed in court dress from the Heian period 794-1185. Those in seated pose are called suwari bina, and Haradas gifted me this pair. It is tradition to display them through February up to and including March 3rd festival.

Speaking of gifts from Mr and Mrs Harada, their hometown Hiroshima is famous for fine brush production. This lovely set of cosmetic brushes is from Chikuhodo. Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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