Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hiroshima and Tulip Co tour

Well, dreams come true once more, I am returned to Japan. I am hoping to blog daily and keep up on email because I have once again rented a mifi (personal wifi unit) from rentafone in Kyoto. It was ordered on line and delivered to my hotel before my arrival.
Once again the blog app on my little iPod is changed. I have just posted photos and do not know where they will appear, relative to text.
Here is a photo of my 4 year flight companion. He was traveling with his elderly grandma (I am guessing) who spoke no English, but we smiled and giggled with each other quite a bit. The little boy realized I was more adept at the video screen before him and never hesitated to jiggle me awake each time he needed to find a new game to play on it. He is so cute I forgive him preventing me any rest during this interminably long, stuffy and cramped flight.
Naomi met me in Hiroshima airport. I was relieved to make the connecting flight from Tokyo, as the line in immigration was reallllllly long and then
I had to retrieve my luggage, go through security again, recheck the luggage and dash to the gate in under 2 hours.
She and Daisuke delivered me to http://www.sheraton.com/Hiroshima , a gorgeous 1 year old addition to this beautiful city. The lobby is welcoming and elegant. During breakfast I could look out onto a view of the city.
Let's see how this post looks and in the morning, I'll share with you how the tour of Tulip Co revealed why those size 13 Tulip beading needles are $14.00 a package!

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