Monday, January 2, 2012

When things go missing...

I heard from Beadfest Philadelphia that this is one of the projects I will teach there in August. So I record my Beadfest schedule in my calendar and gather the projects to store in one place. But, where oh where can it be? The last time, that I recall with any certainty, that I saw Cape Hope Necklace, was September, when I taught it at Bella Beads in New Hampshire. Hmm, no sign of in the usual places. Even a look in the likely places got me nowhere. Then the mad-hot search was on. I checked the recipe case. Nothing. I checked the suitcases. Nothing. I checked the bags of wool (since one of the classes at Bella Beads was felted jewelry). Again, nothing. So I resigned myself to having to make another one. Of course, the focal bead would be different but, I had purchased 3 beads from that artist and one of the remaining two would serve well. The bead choices I used are still gathered into one box in the studio so, today my Franklin Planner page for January 2 listed among the to-dos: bead another Cape Hope Necklace. No complaints here, it is a fun project, even though it's intention is to serve as a vehicle to teach all the variations of tubular herringbone in one joyful (and wearable) session: regular, zippity-do-dah, with inclusions within the stitches, with inclusions between the stitches, how to increase and decrease, varying bead sizes per row and per stitch, creating "seed stitch", spiraling and even circular.  BUT, as I reached for the box of beads I used for the original (I have to digress here and tell you about the box of beads: often I "shop" throughout the studio for a palette of beads that hum at me, collecting them in a plastic shoebox. It might happen that a box of beads is used only once, like the evp purple, mustard, chocolate, merlot, and stripey bead combo for the bracelet I called Amy's birthday bracelet but, upon publishing my recipe (Oct 2005), Bead & Button Magazine renamed it "Harvest Loops". Sometimes a single box of beads generates many designs.) Ok, back to reaching for the box of beads used for the original: right next to it, even though I KNOW i looked there twice before, sat a translucent envelope containing the necklace. Yippee. It was delightful to find it in advance of making another plus, it reminded me of all the other found items that had gone missing. (Well, except for the 14ct gold acrobat earring that I only had one of to begin with!) Often it happens that I notice that a thing has gone missing. Then I tear the place apart looking high and low for it. Eventually (with aging, it happens sooner, than later) I surrender, accepting that I have the thing no more. Then, after some time, could be a day, a week , a year, something like this happens: I'll be heading out the door to an appointment and, as the key enters the lock, it occurs to me that I should grab my red jacket in case it gets cool. And as magical, fantastical and wonderful as it sounds, just as I reach for the to it is the missing thing! You'd think after a few episodes of this that I'd take it for granted but, I think it is requisite that you put in the work! Anyway, I love when it happens.
Wishing you some magic in your day...


  1. What a delightful post Carol! I have so many moments like that. Unfortunately, they don't end with finding a gorgeous necklace! Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Carol, I loved this post. It's been too long since I've seen you. I hope you have a wonderful new year and that I get a chance to take a class from you! Any plans to go to Santa Fe? cindy