Friday, January 20, 2012

First day Tokyo International Great Quilt Show

The redesigned Tulip Co booth is so elegant and gorgeous. Looking at the dew shots I took, guess there isnt one to show you today. But here is just one beautiful panel in the booth.

It tells a little about the needle production. This year there is a wonderful video running silently overhead that features the factory, Hiroshima and sacred site Miyajima (that Naomi, Daisuke and I visited Wednesday and I will share in a subsequent post). I have asked for a copy to show back home.
During my demonstration of embellishing with needle felting and beads, when there was a break in the visitors for a moment, I looked up and saw Takuma Ito. It was delightful to greet him. You know, he and his wife Kumiko Mizuno Ito hosted my first visit to Japan in, I think, 2008, and at that time introduced me to Mr. Harada and Tulip Co. It is always fascinating to review the chain of events that bring us to present day.

To my left is Shoko Akiyama. You may recall sharing my adventures with her in posts about last years show. Again this year she translated my directions and is interpreting for me during demonstrations. On my right is Masami Oda, the crafts woman I wrote about yesterday responsible for the fine handwork in making size 13 needles.
Gotta run.... More later.

Here are Misako and Mayumi, two visitors to my demonstration just before I left for the day. They each purchased a felt book I had written for Japanese craft market and I signed them and asked for a pose:) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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