Thursday, January 19, 2012

Forgot to tell you...

Maybe on Saturday before our work begins at the Quilt show, I will show Masami ( from previous post) how to bead the Not-a-Tennis-Bracelet. I brought several kits with me, expecting, like last year, to fit a beading lesson or two into our time together.

I've promised to ship 20 kits and she has promised to show 20 of the Tulip staff what she has learned.
And it gets better...

While visiting the Misasa facility, Ms Yoshioka jokingly said she wanted one of the bracelets I was I gave it to her, much to her astonishment. She made an exchange, giving me the green rubber "peace " band she was wearing, plus a beaded santa pin she made.

Seeing I wore 2 bracelets of that style, Ms Takemoto went for the other one on my wrist. If you look closely you might even see the scrapes on her hand, as she literally "took pains" to roll it on.

So here we are after the bracelet swaps were made and 7 more Tulip staff were added to the list of potential beaders. Building a happier world 27 beaders at a time. The man in this shot of the mostly women staff is Mr Ikuta. He is responsible for the perfect white color-coded boxes that hold 10 of each item. It makes inventory and shipping a dream.

Last night at dinner, I was presented with a gift from Ms Takemoto. 3 packages of Tulip beading needles and a Sucre bead crochet hook. But wait, these are pink gold! She plated beading needles and a beading crochet hook with pink gold for me! Wow! I own the only pink gold Tulip beading needles in the world! And the day before I'd been gifted sets of gold plated felt needles. I am being treated like a queen, and I've the gold to show for it.

Oh, and once again my felted hair is a curiosity. Not so much " how did you do it" or " how long did it take".... More like "how do you wash it?" I love it here, it has got to be the most clean-conscious place on earth.
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  1. Oh, what a fun time! My girlfriends' mom used to take a suitcase full of clothes she didn't want with her to visit her Japanese family, and come home with a suitcase full of Japanese gifts! So glad everyone had a great time!