Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Global Express Mail, That Bead Lady & Toronto Bead Fair

When Cathy reordered Tulip beading needles and fine beading awls this week, she requested express mail to Newmarket Ontario. As 4 p.m. approached without a reply to my email reply asking whether to ship 1-3 day guaranteed Global Express or 3-5 day ordinary express, I made the "executive decision" for her and went with Global Express.
This decision had its price! It cost Cathy $67.80, it cost me 40 minutes of paperwork and cost the postal clerk a 15 minute extension after closing time.
As it turns out, That Bead Lady wants the Tulip order in time for the Toronto Bead Society Bead Fair.
Wouldn't I just love to be invited to teach workshops for the Toronto Bead Society!

1 comment:

  1. Eek! That's a hefty shipping price! But I can see why she needed them!