Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday at Bella Beads NH

The way the blogger app is working on my iPad these days is unpredictable. The photos appear in no particular order, despite how I load them; and I cannot place them between paragraphs of text. Bummer. Allow me to share Sunday at Bella Beads in New Hampshire, anyway.
Just as was the case Saturday, the two newbies delighted and surprised the heck out of all of us. We convinced Kim (left) and Kathy (right) to pose with their first bezeled rivolis.
In one of the group shots, above and slightly to the left of Sue (owner at head of table) are these fabulous, beautifully constructed purse/totes, that Sue has made for the shop. All her regulars carried them. They are lovely both for bead accutrement or a handbag.
The other group shot is from the other end of the table. I got more than half of the beaders in to the shot:). Carol, Kim, Kathy, Pam, Sue G, Denise, Barbara and Anne.
The feng shui is clear and smooth since the latest renovation. The entire store seems even bigger. Finding a particular color or finish of seed beads is easier now.
I'm looking forward to our 4 short and sweet workshops I'll be teaching here in September. More on the particulars, soon.

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