Saturday, May 19, 2012

This weekend in Center Harbor NH

What a perfect greeting....Sheesh and Carol greeted me wearing the gorgeous necklaces they completed after our last weekend of workshops together. Today's workshop at Bella Beads was small. Good thing! We had two novice beaders (foreground of the beading table shot, Kathryn and Kim) in the advanced class. They were good listeners, followed the directions precisely and were devoted followers
of instruction. Kim was first, of the entire class, to complete her triangle conponent, followed closely by Kathy. They went on to tackle the complicated corkscrew tubular beadwork and even braved the bead crochet project.
Tomorrow's registration is at full capacity... Including our two newbies who now have 3 successful beadweaving stitches to add to their skill sets.
I'll return here in September and we've just about settled on the topics. More to come on that when I get the ok from Sue, owner of Bella Beads NH.

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