Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday At 1 Stop Bead Shop

Hmm, I've no excuse, except, perhaps, being totally caught up in the beads and beaders, for not having a photo to share of the Twilight in Savannah bracelets from this workshop. And amusingly, one beader from Friday's class lamented that she would have to miss this class because she would BE in Savannah!!!!
After a delicious supper with a dozen 1 Stop beaders, we gathered for the other session of Bevy of Bezels. The previous session held more than the 20 beader capacity of the classroom and was held in the showroom. This evening, we could work in the classroom once again.
This style of bezeling combines netting and polygon stitch, producing highly textured beadwork as gorgeous from the back as from the front, plus, the bonus is that it works up fairly quickly ;)


  1. Carol, I just want to say again how much I enjoyed your felted bangle workshop. I am currently "in Savannah" and I am so disappointed that I missed the twilight in Savannah class. I did bring my bangle and my spiral with me to show my daughter. She was so excited to see the bangle and wants to incorporate some felting in one of her fashion designs that she is currently working on so I may be doing some felting in Savannah. I do hope you make your way back to the Dublin area again for some classes. I will certainly be there. I have wanted to attend one of your classes ever since I saw you on TV doing a felting segment on one the craft shows that used to appear in our area. Thanks again. Linda Younkman

  2. I loved telling readers you had to miss being with us for Twilight in Savannah bc you were IN Savannah.
    It will be my extreme pleasure to return to 1 Stop Beads and i look forward to being invited back.
    Glad you turned your daughter onto feltmaking. Have a great time felting together.
    Until we bead and felt together, Carol