Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last weekend's Sheep & Wool Festival

I have arrived in Ohio for teaching 3 days of workshops at 1 Stop Bead Shop in Duluth. I better catch you up on last weekend's S&W Festival in Maryland before it is tooooo late. Susan, Ingrid and I went to help MaryJo run her booth... The Wool Room. Yes, the same Wool Room that Ravelry members recommend to spinning wheel shoppers. Susan (black shirt) transfered the business to MaryJo (white shirt) and the business is now in Hendersonville NC.
The couple in the blue felt just returned from a felt conference in Turkey. She, Lisa Jacenich said she'd send an email to me with the facts so I could share it here but, it never came.
I love the wide brim black straw hat on Leslye Solomon. She came by to tell us about her knitting app...Knitspeaker.
Check out the website for details. I'm not a knitter so, I admit to not caring for the details but, am fascinated that she wrote the app.
Good... Now tomorrow I can share my adventures here in Duluth Ohio.

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