Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In lieu of a photo, as I continue to figure out how to incorporate them into blog from the iPad I am traveling with, click on the link to see some crochet hooks by Tulip Co. in Japan. While here at the Bead & Button Show I received a parcel from Kazue at Tulip Co containing her newly designed crochet hook made especially for bead crochet. Now I am eager for the vendors to open so I can purchase the supplies to start using them. They are the comfort handle I admired in their new line of hooks last year. It pleases me that they have found a distributor in U.S. It is Caron company. Can this mean that we will soon be able to purchase fine quality Tulip brand hooks, needles and felting supplies in our local yarn and stitching stores? I am delighted.
Moments ago at lunch I met up with Martina, a German beader and Facebook friend. She is wearing a necklace that looks at first glance so similar to Fireflies at Midnight ( new black version of Fireflies at Sunset). It is bead crochet. She placed memory wire inside and wears a bead dangling from each end. Sweet.
More later, gotta run...


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