Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'll use the next few blogs to share my whirlwind week at the Bead and Button Show. After my first postings I was just plain toooooooo busy to update. So to hold out on you but, not for long. Whenever I wasn't teaching or sleeping I pretty much gravitated to the Hyatt Regency lobby. On the couch in the right in this pic is where I could use complimentary wifi to check email. Straight ahead is a suite of classrooms where I will teach on Wednesday. Out of view and to the left is the lobby area that serves as additional seating for the Bistro 333 at the Hyatt. I had lunch there nearly everyday. It was convenient, fit within the one hour lunch break and usually meant I could meet up with Motoko for a quick visit.
Sunday the 6th I taught the first of two offerings of Hand Felted Bangle with Beaded Bead. No one assembled the finished bangle in class but, most accomplished quite a few rounds of beadwork after hand felting a bracelet.
Evalie came all the way from Saudi Arabia. This was her introduction to beadweaving. I was exhilerated to see her settle so comfortably into the meditative and soothing repetition of the stitch. On Thursday evening the show floor opened with 500 vendors. Evalie told me she was picking up a few more seed beads there, when we ran into each other. I'm guessing she experienced that sweet spot, that centering that occurs when we pick up the beads.

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