Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've some more of the exhibits at the Bead and Button Show to share with you. Caitlin Hyde's bead reminded me of the artwork I saw in Australia. She was helping Nancy Tobey in her booth so, while I was there, I had a chance to visit with her. Some people are getting all over her because her work is evocotive of aboriginal works. No one recognizes more, the primal affinity for the dot than a beadworker. Gosh, what is it about the dots? Don't we just love them? Beadwork is dotty and stipled, the beads themselves are often dotted. We just plain love dots.
Ronit Dagan's beads are always provocative. Rachel Nelson Smith has collaborated a few times with this beadmaker, and you can find pictures on Rachel's website.

Boy, this one was a stunner. I was certain it was Bronwen Heilman's work. Au contraire. The graphics are so similar to Bronwen's beads that I used in the Marcasite project that I taught at B&B for two years. Cool bead.

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