Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is Suzanne Angell. She is a designer and instructor at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center in Rochester NY. Notice that her Handfelted Bangle with Beaded Bead is actually a necklace. We passed each other in the skywalks between the convention center and the hotels a few times. She was always wearing this felted necklace and it seemed to go with so much of her coral based wardrobe. Lovely.
Studio 34 owner, Marilynne, contacted me several months ago about teaching workshops at her store on the weekends that bookend the International Glass Beadmakers Society bi-annual conference, The Gathering, at the end of July. Upon linking her website I see she has my classes listed for June. Hmm. Interesting. I will give her a call and find out what she has in mind.
Several of my workshops utilize lampworked glass focal beads. But, last we spoke, Marilynne said we would postpone my felt workshops, fearing they would be eclipsed, rather than enhanced by coinciding with the ISGB Gathering.

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